Day 615: Happy Halloween!

Madison had lots of fun with her friends at school this morning. They all dressed up in costume and sang Halloween songs at the end of the morning. 

After school Madison went for a ride with Sassy. Her instructor was thrilled that she is starting to correct her posture and re-position herself on the saddle when needed without cueing. She loved seeing her volunteers dress up as a chicken, cow and her instructor was a farmer. 

Madison was due for her 6 month cleaning at the dentist so she went this afternoon since there were so many cancellations for Halloween. She did awesome! She let them do an examination, cleaning and fluoride treatment all while watching the movie Frozen on the ceiling- best dentist ever!

After the dentist it was trick or treating time! Madi, Jack and Nate had some pizza and got ready together and then off they went in their astronaut suits to collect candy. Jack made it to 5 houses and then him and Nana headed home to hand out candy. Madison and Nate went to a bunch of houses together- so much fun! After Nate went home, Madi wanted to explore one more street. She walked all the way there, went to 8 houses and then walked all the way back in her walker all by herself! Mommy was most impressed by how well Madi managed the houses with steps. She figured out how to lift her walker up a step and then follow with her feet. Candy is the best motivation!





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