Day 611: New Responsibilities 

Madison had a great morning with her teacher Calene. During gym class they climbed and crawled through different obstacles and had lots of fun!

After school, Madison and Jack had a low key afternoon at the house. While Jack was sleeping, Mommy showed Madison her new responsibilities chart. Mommy is trying to encourage Madison to be more independent with some daily tasks and for her to start initiating some tasks on her own without being asked. Her daily responsibilities are: having a bath, brushing her teeth, cleaning up her toys, sharing with her brother, saying please and thank you, stretching her feet & legs and doing one PT activity of Mommy’s choice. Her reward on the weekend is to pick a family activity of her choice and she is also building points towards a new book.

Madi and Jack had a great time at Pam & Medfords while Mommy was coaching. They played with the squishy balls and Madison loved all of Pams Halloween and Fall decorations. Madison also sang a Halloween song to Pam and she called it her Jack’s song about a Jack O Lantern. She told Pam she learnt it at school and every time she finished singing to Pam she laughed hysterically.

Daddy was on his own for bedtime which resulted in truck rides racing around the house


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