Day 609: Tuesday Trooper

Madi was a trooper today. She participated in lots of great activities that were excellent for her body, but it was a very long and tiring day. A highlight at school that her teachers noted was how active and independent she was in gym class. She climbed on and off equipment she had never done before and walked around pushing the shopping cart. 

After school, both Madi and Jack had physio at Grandview. She worked on strengthening her quad muscles by doing leg lifts to touch objects with her toes and wall squats by picking objects up from the floor. 

Madison loved dancing and moving like different animals at ballet class tonight. Her favourite were hopping like a bunny and walking like a duck. She ran fast in her walker and did a great job weaving in and out of her classmates with her walker. 

After ballet, Madison and Jack both had massage with Shannon. Jack still has his cold, so Shannon was able to get a good release on his back to help drain some fluid from how conjested he has been. Madison got some new tape with a focus on supporting the arch in her foot. She did a great job pushing through some discomfort in her feet and calves, got in her Jammie’s and headed home to bed. Thanks Shannon!

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