Day 555: A New Bed!

Madison started her day with a family trip to Costco! She loved sitting next to Jack for the first time in the shopping cart.

Next on the agenda for the day was a trip to see Shannon for a massage and some tape. Madison responded really well today, but Botox can’t come soon enough! Shannon did a great job of trying to work through the stiffness and tried a new way of taping her calf and heel cords. Jack also was able to get his shoulder and upper back muscles released. He is never a big fan of the release but hugely benefits from it.

Madison was super excited for Nana and Papa to pick her up after dinner. They took Madi to get some ice cream and then back to their house for a sleepover! They played with the play kitchen and food and then had a bath. Before bed, Nana read Madison her favourite book from when she was a child – Madeline! Madi loved it! She also has a new bed at Nana and Papas that she is trying for the first time tonight. It’s low to the floor so she can get in and out herself. Tomorrow morning is the build of Madison’s surprise playground, so having a sleepover was the perfect way to get her out of the house for the surprise. 

Day 554: Stitch is Home!

Madison was thrilled to find out this morning on her way to school that Medford had found Stitch and that she was safe at home! Thank you Medford!

Jack didn’t seem to notice Stitch’s return- he was preoccupied by Madison’s large drum for most of the morning. 

Madison had a wonderful first week back at school. She settled into routines nicely and loved seeing her teachers and friends.

Madison worked very hard with Stephanie this afternoon at physio. They did lots of dynamic stretching, slow patterned walking with her walker, treadmill training and some work on the obstacle course mats in the gym. 

​Madison was happy to have lots of playtime with Stitch before bed.

Day 553: Confidence

Madison has a different confidence about her at school. Her teachers reported yesterday and today that she is confident, being a leader and using her big voice when prompted. She is playing with everyone and helping some of her friends who are new at school. Mommy and Daddy are proud of her and are happy to hear about the skills she is building that will help her be successful when she starts kindergarten. 

Jack is trying to keep up with Madison’s energy. Today he bounced and laughed with Madison for so long that he fell asleep while bouncing. 

Madison, Jack and Nate had a special photo session tonight with Nana! Stay tuned in the next few days for some sneak peek photos!

Day 552: First Day Back at School!

Today was Madison’s first day back at preschool! She was thrilled to see her friends, teachers and meet some new friends and volunteers. Madi has big plans this year… She wants to learn how to write her name, work more on her walking, play on the trampoline and do lots of crafts. Her big goal is to work on her loud, confident voice to help her prepare for kindergarten next year. She did some painting this morning, played in the gym and sang some new songs during music. It was a great morning!

Madison then spent her afternoon with Nana relaxing while Mommy and Jack had some appointments. Madison was so happy to get a present from Nana to celebrate her first day back!

Jack finally has his helmet fixed and can wear it comfortably now. He was at the orthotist to work out the changes and then to Grandview for a stretching session. On his way home, Jack helped Mommy pick up some party supplies and took his first ride in a shopping cart!

Madi and Jack finished their day with no power in the house, so they watched the rain with Daddy and Carter and looked for Stitch.

Day 551: Madi Misses her Kitty

Madison was up bright and early with a plan of what she wanted to do right after breakfast. Her kitty Stitch has been missing since Sunday. Madi is upset and wants to find her. She tried making posters to hang in the neighbourhood and then asked Daddy to make some at work once she realized how many she would have to make. She asked Mommy several times to go out for a walk in the stroller to check the neighbourhood. She took her job very seriously. She shook a container of cat food for Stitch to hear and yelled “come home Stitich! Where are you Stitch!” Madi is such a caring little person and asks about Stitch and how she can find her constantly. She looked for Stitch three times today and once more with Daddy before bedtime. 

During one of her daily stretches she wanted to make Stitch out of play dough 

She has been trying to pet Carter and feed him all day thinking he might leave too

The hunt for Stitch continues… Cross your fingers! 

Day 550: Mommy is Home!

After almost 24 hours of travel, Mommy is Home! Madison worked hard on a welcome home sign for Mommy. Her and Daddy headed to the airport to watch the airplanes and then pick Mommy up. Madison was so excited to see Mommy, she waved her sign high in the air and screamed “Welcome Home!”

Mommy is grateful for her experiences in Brazil, but mostly for everyone’s help for Daddy, Madi and Jack! Thank you so so much!! Mommy was so happy to visit with Nana, Papa, Uncle Mark and Nate when getting home and to share some amazing stories with them. Madi and Jack were spoiled not only by everyone over the past week, but from all the gifts Mommy brought for them from the different countries Mommy spent her time with this past week. 

A big shout out to Daddy for all of his hard work this past week so that Mommy could go on her adventure, and to Nana for helping each and everyday and for all of Madison’s daily “cards from Mommy”.

Day 549: Last Sunday of Summer

Madi spent her last Sunday of Summer relaxing around the house and then Nana and papa took her to the park.

This will be daddy’s last blog post as mommy returns tomorrow. I want to take the time to personally thank my wonderful wife for completing 540+ blog posts to date. This is no small accomplishment. After long days she still manages to find time and energy to recap the day. I know, I look forward to reading the blog everyday, much like everyone else. Katherine – on behalf of all the readers “thank you for all you do!”

Day 548: A Lazy Saturday 

Madi was outside playing in the background before she finished her cereal or even got out of her nightgown!

Nana and papa showed up shortly after so daddy could get chores done around the house. What that meant for madi, was time to supervise …

She did help me water the flowers. 

After a nice FaceTime convo with Mommy, Madi, jack, Nana and papa went for a late evening trip to the park.

Day 547: Up and … Madi

While Daddy was briefing auntie em on “life at the zoo”, em thought she heard a knock at the door. So we walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked up, and who did we see? Madi! She had gotten out of bed, crawled to the door and somehow opened the door and was sitting at the top of the landing, ready to play.

Here are some pics from the day.

A big Thank you to auntie nadia and Nana and papa who came to daddy’s rescue and helped with bedtime  when he needed a time out. 

Day 546: A Guide to Madi’s day

At breakfast this morning, Daddy asked madi what she wanted to do today. She replied right away “daddy cut the grass, pick up carter’s poop, then we play in the backyard and then wait on the bench for mommy”. … well we didn’t quite do that today. Madi instead went to MOD for her last summer session! She was so tight this morning daddy struggled to put madi’s shoes. She couldn’t put her heels to the floor.

MOD was fun for her last session. They made paper bracelets and even did chalk outside!

After MOD it was time to play at Nana before heading back home.