Day 551: Madi Misses her Kitty

Madison was up bright and early with a plan of what she wanted to do right after breakfast. Her kitty Stitch has been missing since Sunday. Madi is upset and wants to find her. She tried making posters to hang in the neighbourhood and then asked Daddy to make some at work once she realized how many she would have to make. She asked Mommy several times to go out for a walk in the stroller to check the neighbourhood. She took her job very seriously. She shook a container of cat food for Stitch to hear and yelled “come home Stitich! Where are you Stitch!” Madi is such a caring little person and asks about Stitch and how she can find her constantly. She looked for Stitch three times today and once more with Daddy before bedtime. 

During one of her daily stretches she wanted to make Stitch out of play dough 

She has been trying to pet Carter and feed him all day thinking he might leave too

The hunt for Stitch continues… Cross your fingers! 

One thought on “Day 551: Madi Misses her Kitty”

  1. So sorry about Stitch. Have your neighbour’s check garages and garden sheds. A cat can slip in without anyone noticing and an indoor cat would probably seek out a safe place.


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