Day 552: First Day Back at School!

Today was Madison’s first day back at preschool! She was thrilled to see her friends, teachers and meet some new friends and volunteers. Madi has big plans this year… She wants to learn how to write her name, work more on her walking, play on the trampoline and do lots of crafts. Her big goal is to work on her loud, confident voice to help her prepare for kindergarten next year. She did some painting this morning, played in the gym and sang some new songs during music. It was a great morning!

Madison then spent her afternoon with Nana relaxing while Mommy and Jack had some appointments. Madison was so happy to get a present from Nana to celebrate her first day back!

Jack finally has his helmet fixed and can wear it comfortably now. He was at the orthotist to work out the changes and then to Grandview for a stretching session. On his way home, Jack helped Mommy pick up some party supplies and took his first ride in a shopping cart!

Madi and Jack finished their day with no power in the house, so they watched the rain with Daddy and Carter and looked for Stitch.

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