Day 550: Mommy is Home!

After almost 24 hours of travel, Mommy is Home! Madison worked hard on a welcome home sign for Mommy. Her and Daddy headed to the airport to watch the airplanes and then pick Mommy up. Madison was so excited to see Mommy, she waved her sign high in the air and screamed “Welcome Home!”

Mommy is grateful for her experiences in Brazil, but mostly for everyone’s help for Daddy, Madi and Jack! Thank you so so much!! Mommy was so happy to visit with Nana, Papa, Uncle Mark and Nate when getting home and to share some amazing stories with them. Madi and Jack were spoiled not only by everyone over the past week, but from all the gifts Mommy brought for them from the different countries Mommy spent her time with this past week. 

A big shout out to Daddy for all of his hard work this past week so that Mommy could go on her adventure, and to Nana for helping each and everyday and for all of Madison’s daily “cards from Mommy”.

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