Day 584: Set Up!

A note from Monika at M.O.D. sharing how Madison’s first class went yesterday.

“I just wanted to share with you, that Madison had a nice day yesterday. She was a little bit tired at the beginning of the class, but she came around. She spelled her name with the magnet letters independently while walking in her obstacle course. She did great walking with her canes and took some independent steps. It was a very nice afternoon!”

Madison had a great morning at school. It was her turn to shake hands with her classmates during the good-bye song. She did a great job manoeuvring her walker around so many people in the circle. Madison can also read all of her classmates names, so she was given the job of handing out their take home journals at pick up today. She was very proud to do that for her teachers.

Madison was excited to go to Deer Creek Golf course tonight. She went to help with the set up for this weekends Mike GREGOIRE Memorial Golf Tournament. Mommy and Daddy feel very honoured and appreciative that Madison will be one of the recipients of funds raised at this years tournament. Madison helped push the door button to hold the door open for everyone as they brought in box after box of silent auction items and golfers registration bags. It was the kick off to a great weekend and great event!

Madison had a busy day and went straight to bed. Her sleeps have been amazing since receiving her Botox…no more late night cramping!

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