Day 585: Stairs & Wind!

Madi had a rough go at physio today. It was the perfect storm between her being tired, being a 3 year old and limited snack…Stephanie’s patience certainly was tested but she did an excellent job of giving Madison lots of choice, re-directing her and working her hard when Madi was ready. Madison did her best work on the stairs today. They practiced going up and down, remembering to slide her hand before stepping and bending her knees. Thank you Stephanie!!!

Madison loved opening her birthday present from Ruby… Princess Ariel for the bath tub!

After physio, Madison had a great play with Sara and Ruby while Mommy coached. They played on the Variety Village adaptive playground. It was very windy and the climbing structure they played on had a cave beneath that was a giant wind tunnel. Madi loved it and had a blast! Thanks Sara & Ruby!

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