Day 583: Back at M.O.D.!

Madison had a great morning at school. She is talking more and more each day and loved playing with shaving cream today! For sensory time she used her hands to wipe away shaving cream from photos to see pictures of her classmates. 

Jack had a great morning with his buddy Owen at Mother Goose class singing lots of fun songs!

After school, Madison spent her afternoon at March of Dimes. Madison is participating in a group class for two hours every Wednesday afternoon. She was happy to be back and was excited to learn that her group mates name is Jack!

Madison spent the rest of her day/night at Nana & Papa’s house. She and Jack played and had a nice dinner while Mommy was coaching. 

Jack continues to progress, and today he shocked Mommy while playing. He pushed and walked with his play table! He continues to get so strong!


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