Day 575: Back to Basics

It was an early start for both Madi and Jack today. Madison was excited to get to school for her friend Ben’s birthday and Jack had a visit with Eric to adjust his helmet.

Jack has been doing really well with his helmet since his last adjustments. More padding was added today to help stop the helmet from rotating and squeezing his ears. 

After school Mommy and Madi got some lunch and did some errands to pass some time before therapy. Madison is doing ABM therapy this week. She will go once a day for 4 days straight to work with Judy. They are focusing on some ‘back to basic’ transitions and positions to increase Madison’s quality of movement. Today they focused on side sitting, sitting in a squatted position for play and walking heel to toe barefoot with her walker. 

After a rest at home, Madi got dressed in pink and headed to ballet! She was so excited that Jack was going to watch her dance this week. She was confident, happy and brave to try a few new things this week. They balanced on one leg like a flamingo, marched like soldiers and walked with duck feet. They also learned to move in a circle when the music was playing and to stop when the music stopped.


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