Day 576: Botox

Madison was back at the Botox clinic this morning at Grandview for her third treatment. As soon as she was in the parking lot she knew. She said…”I’m not getting my leg medicine today”. Mommy and Daddy looked at each other with nervous faces and responded with…”you are such a brave girl. Remember that the leg medicine helps you and it will be a fast visit”. Madison agreed and then walked in. She played in the waiting room. When it was her turn she showed Dr. Mason her walking, he wiggled her legs, talked with Mommy & Daddy and then went into the procedure room. Madison received 8 needles in her calf and hamstring muscles. She squeezed Mommy’s hand tight the whole time and was very brave. 

After her Botox she went back to see Judy for AMB therapy. She started to fall asleep half way though the session which worked beautifully to relax and let Judy do her thing. 

She spent the rest of the day playing and relaxing with Nana and Jack.

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