Day 574: Sassy!

Madison was excited to start therapeutic riding again today! When she got to the barn she didn’t see Joe. She knew right away something was different and asked her therapist “where is Joe today?” Her therapist told her that Joe is getting old and needs to take a rest this session because he worked hard with kids all summer. Mommy was worried how Madi would handle the news. She then said to her therapist “it’s a nice day – where is my new horse?” Her therapist then introduced her to Sassy! Madi loved Sassy! Madi had a good stretch on her peanut ball and then sat on Sassy right after. She had a great session. They worked on taking deep breaths, projecting her voice with commands to Sassy and her therapist reported that she sat tall and had great core stability the whole ride. Mommy was thrilled! 

Madi and Jack love when Daddy gets home! They play in the backyard while Mommy makes dinner. It’s sometimes impossible to get Madi inside to eat- she is loving her new playground!

All the fresh air from today made Jack have an early bedtime before he was even done his evening bottle. Or it could have been all his screaming from teething…oh well!

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