Day 558: Ballet!

Today Madison had her first ballet class! She was so excited to go that she asked Mommy all throughout the day when it was time to go. 

Mommy decided for today that Madison would try wearing her ballet slippers with no AFO’s to let her get a feel for what the teacher was instructing everyone to do with their toes and feet. Madison has better balance and movement when wearing her AFO’s but sometimes it’s the right choice to let her try new movements without. 

Madison followed along with most of the instructions and took her time taking it all in. Two little girls in the class were very caring and wanted to help Madison get in and out of her walker and held her hand or Walker when moving around the room. It was so reassuring for Mommy to see how kind other children really can be. They tried some different foot positions, followed different arm movements to music, pretended to be different animals and sang different rhyming songs. This was one of Madison’s first experience being integrated into a regular class environment and it was a big success! She had lots of fun and Mommy was so proud of her for being brave and trying something new. 


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