Day 559: Madi is 3!

Today Madison celebrated her third birthday! It’s crazy to think that three years ago she decided to surprise everyone with an early entrance into the world and she continues to make her mark with her determination, brilliance, humour and beauty.

 Madi is truly meant to do amazing things and continues to inspire and bring joy to everyone she meets.

Madison had lots of fun with her friends celebrating at school. She shared pink cupcakes with all her friends and loved visiting with Tiffany after school who gave Madison a beautiful hand made card and pink giraffe.

After school Madison went to Nana and Papa’s house for her birthday lunch! She loved having pink birthday balloons and cupcakes and played with all her favourite toys.

After a good nap, Madison went to her first movie with Mommy! Madison saw Secret Life of Pets and loved it! She had the whole theatre to herself, was able to pick multiple seats to sit in and even got the volume changed to a quieter level. She danced up and down the rows and had lots of popcorn and M&M’s.

Daddy brought home a special birthday dinner and dessert, she blew out her candles, opened some special presents, visited with Pam and Medford and opened some more presents and then went on FaceTime with Auntie Em before bed. Madison was full of energy all day and loved celebrating her birthday! Thank you everyone for all your birthday messages and wishes, she is a very lucky girl!

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