Day 557: Pretty in Pink

Today after school, Nana took Madison to a dance store to buy Madison her first pair of ballet slippers and ballet clothes. Madison was curious about everything in the store and wanted to crawl everywhere and look at everything. Madison starts a pre-ballet class tomorrow. She is very excited! It will be one of her first experiences of being in a class environment with the majority of children being typically developing. The purpose of choosing a traditional ballet class over an adapted or modified class for children with disabilities is:

1) preparing Madison for what kindergarten and the rest of the world will be like

2) Immersing Madison in a class situation with LOTS of bodies so she can learn to use her walker in crowded spaces and feel comfortable with her personal space and others space

3) Giving her the opportunity to “feel her body in space” and learn how her body can move without her AFO’s or Walker 


Madison picked a pink outfit that she loves! Nana had the brilliant idea to buy two pairs of ballet slippers. One pair that fit her bare feet and the other that fit her AFO’s in case she ends up wanting to wear them for more support with some of the activities. Stay tuned for a report tomorrow on how her first class goes! Thanks for the ballet gear Nana!

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