Day 556: Madi’s Playground!

Madison started off her Sunday like most other Sunday’s – a play with Nana & Papa! She slept over last night so when she woke up she met up with Nate for a play at Variety Village. Little did she know today’s visit was to keep her busy and out of the house for a special surprise!


While Nana & Papa were keeping Madi busy, a special surprise was starting at the house. Madison was fortunate to be the recipient of a playground from Million Dollar Smiles. The charity builds playgrounds in the backyards of children battling illness or different exceptionalities to brighten their day and provide them with a safe place to play and learn new skills. The organization arrived bright and early to set up registration and breakfast for the volunteers. In the past 4 months the charity has completed 65 builds. They operate by donations from companies who sponsor the playground and are also the ones who complete the build. Today’s sponsor and builders were from Tonino’s Pizza in Brampton. They were amazing workers – very efficient and worked well as a team so they were pretty speedy. Once the build started they asked Mommy and Daddy to say a few words about Madison and then they started. They only stopped once for lunch. It was amazing to watch!

img_4880img_4881img_4882img_4883img_4884img_4886img_4888img_4890img_4892img_4893img_4901img_4903img_4906img_4907img_4908img_4911img_4913img_4914img_4923img_4927img_4930img_4931img_4932img_4939Once the build was finished, Nana and Papa took Madison home for the big surprise. They played music while Madison entered the backyard. She was greeted by family, friends and all the volunteers who did the build. She was shy but smiled and was very excited for what she saw. She wanted to go in the playhouse right away and climb to the top to go down the slide. When she was sitting on the slide for the first time she waved thank you to everyone and blew lots of kisses. Her adapted swing was also a huge hit. She will be able to fit in it and swing safely for many years to come. Once all the thank you’s and speeches were finished Madison had lots of cake, was presented a medal to remember the day and then had a super fun play with her buddy Ben and cousin Nate. Madi played and played until the sun went down. Thank you Tonino’s Pizza and Million Dollar Smiles for Madison’s amazing gift!


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