Day 528: Madi’s Marathon Monday

Madison started her day at March of Dimes camp. They have a zoo theme this week and today they went on a bear hunt. She walked on different textures like grass and sand on the search for a bear. She also did a bear painting during sensory time that she painted with her hands and forks.

After camp it was time to see Joe! She worked on hands high in the air to practice her balance and they went for a long ride out back on the trail. Her posture is really improving!

After giving Joe his apple and carrot and putting her gear away, she went to see Shannon. They did some more active massage and got some new tape on the backs of her legs to allow some muscles to relax and get support. Her muscles were tender, sore and extremely stiff today.

Madison is participating in a special photo tomorrow (stay tuned) so she went to get a haircut to get her bangs out of her eyes.

Before bed, Madison went over to Emily’s house for a swim! They did lots of kicking, chasing different toys around the pool and did some good stretching. Her legs always respond so well to water – they felt much more relaxed when she got home. 

Madi was wiped out at the end of her day but at bedtime she told Mommy and Daddy she had a great day and feels happy. The best part of the day was snuggling in PJ’s after bath time and reading books together in bed. 

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