Day 529: Madi Visits the Legislature!

Today was a special day for Madison. She didn’t go to camp or therapy…she went to Queens Park! Madison was asked by Variety Village to be one of the ambassadors for the Lieutenant Govenor’s Games coming up this October. “Youngsters of varied abilities will be coming together at Variety Village in Scarborough for the Annual Lieutenant Governor’s Games in October. The one-day event offers children from schools across the GTA an introduction to sports, training and fitness for youngsters with special needs (physical, developmental, learning and socio-economic).” For more information visit 

Today Madison met with the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell and three other children from Variety Village to take the traditional photo for the games poster. Before meeting with the group, Madison visited her friend Debbie who is the Legislative Clerk. Debbie showed Madison around her office and let her explore all her treasures and gifts from visitors over the years. Madison loved the candy Deb gave her and it did just the trick for getting her energy up before the photos.

After a nice visit, Debbie brought Madison to the Lieutenant Governors office to meet Archie and the rest of the group from Variety Village. Madison worked her way around the room introducing herself to the other kids and their families. They all then lined up to greet the Lieutenant Governor as she entered. Madison did a great job of saying hello. She stuck her hand right out to shake hands and said “Hi I’m Madison”. They all then gathered to take a bunch of pictures. Madison chose a yellow Variety Village shirt for the pictures. It was a dress on her and sooo cute! She is already so comfortable and knows how special Variety Village is to her and was so proud to wear her shirt and represent such an amazing place. 

Mommy was so proud of Madison! She was so great at following instructions and doing everything that was asked of her. She was beautifully behaved for an almost 3 year old. When the photos were done, Debbie took Madison on a small tour of some other special places like the Legislative Assembly and then to lunch! It was a wonderful day! Thanks Archie and thanks Debbie! 

Jack had a great time with Pam and Medford while the ladies were downtown. Madison was happy to pick him up and play ball with Pam before it was time for a nap. Jack is on the move! Madi is the greatest teacher!

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