Day 527: 40 Years In Love

Madison stopped by Nana & Papa’s this morning to drop off a card from her, her brother Jack and her cousin Nate to wish them a happy 40th wedding anniversary! Mommy tried to explain to Madison what an anniversary is and she later explained to Daddy that Nana and Papa had a special day today and that they are getting married! Hahaha 

Congrats on 40 years Nana & Papa!

Madison and Mommy then went to Variety Village for a swim and to get a good long stretch in the hot pool. Mommy can’t keep up with the stretching Madi needs lately, she continues to get tighter by the day.  Thanks for lending Madi your floaters Nate! She liked trying them out to swim a bit more independantly. 

Madi also liked supervising Daddy in the backyard this afternoon while he cut the grass. It was a low key afternoon before the start of a busy week. 

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