Day 522: Loving Camp!

Madison started her day at camp with all smiles and giggles in her new Conductive Education shirt. She was thrilled to wear the same shirt as Monika! She worked hard on her walking and has improved so much with her confidence and independence going up and down the accessible ramp outside of the building. 

While Madi was at camp, Mommy and Jack went to pick up his helmet to start his cranial helmet therapy. The helmet will help to shape Jacks skull in the right position as he continues to grow and change the flat spot that has developed at the back of his head as a reault from his torticollis. He will wear the helmet for 22-23 hours a day until he is one. The helmet did not fit so great and some adjustments had to be made to insure there was space where the head needs to shift. Mommy and Jack left without the helmet and went to Grandview for some side neck stretches and rotation stretches. Later that afternoon the helmet was ready for pickup and it fit great! Madison loves “Jack the Blue Jay”. Jack is not a huge fan of it but is tolerating it ok. 

It was fitting that the only book in the evaluation room was “The Little Engine That Could” which defines not only the determination and willpower of both Madison and Jack, but Mommy’s push to get through a very long, emotional, tough day. 

While Mommy and Jack were out, Madi spent some time with Pam and Medford. She didn’t nap for Mommy today so she was tired and liked taking it easy on Medfords chair with their iPad. 

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