Day 523: Thank You ‘Three To Be’ & Northbridge Insurance!

Madison had a great morning at March of Dimes camp. She continues to make such great progress and is starting to show some consistency with the potty training skills they are teaching her and seeing them transfer to home. She has been especially stiff in the mornings when she wakes up, but when Mommy picks her up from camp, she is always looser and more relaxed in her AFO’s.

After camp Madison spent the afternoon with Janine and Suzanne. They went to visit her Great Grandma Gregoire to celebrate her birthday and have some birthday cake. 

After dinner Papa and Suzanne picked Madison up and went down to the Blue Jays game. 

Mommy is a part of the Three To Be online Facebook group of parents and caregivers of children with neurological disorders. They posted that they had the opportunity to offer tickets to a suite on behalf of the Jays Care Foundation and Northbridge Insurance. Mommy put Madison’s name into the draw and she was one of the kids that was picked! 

THREE TO BE aims to create infinite possibilities for children with neurological disorders and their families through education, support and empowerment. Madison was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the game hosted in the accessible suite of Northbridge Insurance. Thank you to Amanda from Three to Be and Dan from Northbridge Insurance for giving Madison and her Papa the opportunity to see her favourite Jays and have such a wonderful evening together. The suite was an amazing experience for Madison to use her walker and not have to deal with crowded hot seats. 

Madison was spoiled with lots of treats! Hot dogs, cookies, popcorn and an ice cream sandwich and lots of swag! She loved watching all her favourite players but commented that “Jose had the night off to sleep and Edwin didn’t bring his parot tonight” haha

Madison and Papa sang ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ the whole car ride home. Madison had an amazing time!

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