Day 521: Camp!

Madison started back at March of Dimes Camp this morning for another two week block. This week the theme is circus! Monika noticed Madison’s stiffness which has changed in the last 2 weeks due to a growth spurt and Botox that is slowly on its way out. Stretching is going to be Madison’s friend for the next month to help until the next Botox appointment. 

After her morning at camp it was time to see Joe! It was a beautiful day up at WindReach. Their inside arena is now updated and repaired so they started in it today to try and stay out of the hot sun. Madison practiced transitioning from a slow walk to a fast walk.,she also held a cup in one hand and then switched. The cup also got placed on and off poles. For the last part of the session they went on a nice walk on the outside trail to say hello to the other horses. 


Mommy and Jack had some fun hanging out on the grass watching all the horses and cheering on Madison. 

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