Day 520: Animal Lover!

Madison and Jack started their day at Nana & Papa’s house. They went out for breakfast and then went down to the Bluffs to watch the boats and to feed the birds. Madison loved feeding the swans and ducks but did not like the seagulls. 

Jack is on the move! Wherever Madison is, he tries to go no matter what is in front of him. 

After Mommy picked them up, everyone headed to the zoo. Madison made a list with Nana of all the animals in Africa she wanted to see. Madison made sure Mommy followed the list and nothing was missed. 

When she got to the zoo she met up with her friend Ben! They were finished their visit for the day but had tickets for Madi and Ben to ride the carousel together before leaving. Madi also had a special gift for Ben to wish him luck with his surgery this week. Ben told Madi last week that the doctor is going to give him super powers to help his leg muscles, so Madi got Ben a cape to remember his special day.

Madison is usually nervous to ride the carousel. Some of the animals frighten her so she likes to sit on the benches on the ride. But today Ben gave her the courage to try one of the animals that move up and down. She held on tight and was a bit scared but after the ride started to move she loved it! She cried when it stopped because she didn’t want it to end. Bens Mommy had extra tickets so they went a second time together. Madison rode the monkey both times. Mommy was so proud of her for trying. 

After they said their good-byes, Madi and Jack went to visit Africa with Mommy. They saw the zebras, white lions, monkeys, giraffes, penguins and hippos. Madison loves to talk and wave to each animal and likes to know “how they feeling today?” and “how’s their summer?”. She would go to the zoo everyday if she could. 

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