Day 517: Zoo!

This morning Madison took Jack to the zoo for his first visit! He slept through most of it. Madi met up with her friend Charlotte and her Mommy. The girls explored the pandas, monkeys, gorillas, giraffes and the baby rino. They also stopped by the splash pad to cool off. Madi did a great job with her walker at the splash pad but because she was barefoot she has many cuts on her feet from dragging her toes. She decided to try going up a structure to go down a small water slide all by herself. She ended up stopping half way because she was scared so Mommy helped her. Mommy was so proud of Madi for wanting to try.

Later in the day Madison went to see Ryan for a swim. They swam in the bigger pool to start which Madison was so proud of. They worked on walking up and down the ramp, back floats and bobs. They finished with some fun in the fish boat. Madison had a funny smile on her face while she tried running over Ryan with the boat.

Madison and Jack ended their day with dinner and playtime at Nana & Papa’s house and then some fun with Daddy while Mommy had a meeting over Skype to plan for Brazil. Daddy daycare was a success! 

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