Day 516: Clowning Around

Madi and Jack both saw Shannon bright and early this morning for their massages. Both kiddos were a bit of a mess- unbalanced, tight, you name it! Both are also going through growth spurts at the moment which doesn’t help tightness so it was a good day to visit Shannon.

Madison decided to colour while Jack had his turn. 

Madi and Jack then went to pick up Sara and Ruby and headed to Grace and Susan’s house for a mini synchro reunion. Everyone caught up over lunch and Susan pinned and helped with some synchro suits for Brazil…25 more days!!

After lunch, it was time to head to Grandview for physio. Today it was for Jack only which is rare. Madi was jealous that she couldn’t “play” with Kate today, only Jack. When they got to Grandview Kate had a little station of toys and colouring set up for Madi to entertain herself so she was happy. After some evaluation it was clear that Jack has re-gressed. Jacks neck has been extremely tight the last few days. He is now 6 months old and Kate is concerned with the lack of improvement. Mommy has been stretching Jack by herself several times during the day to try and lengthen his right side of his neck but now he is too strong and fights the stretch or moves to a different position so Mommy can’t get a deep and long stretch anymore. It was decided that extra appointments will have to be made in 15 minute chunks a few days a week in order to do team stretching with 2 people. The days that appointments are not possible at Grandview, Mommy will have to find helpers to hold Jack down flat while his head can be rotated and neck stretched. His helmet should be ready next week as well. 

When Madi and Jack got home from Grandview they went for a visit with Pam and Medford while Mommy did some work for Brazil. Madison played catch with her favourite pink ball with Pam, organized her china cabinet and then decided to pretend to be a clown with a giant pink nose. Jack had an awesome 1.5 hour nap which was a huge success as he is teething badly and hasn’t slept for more then a few hours at night. As you can see in the picture, her “W” sitting battle with Mommy continues. 

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