Day 518: A Morning at V.V.

Everyone was up bright and early for a busy morning. Madi went to Nana & Papa’s for breakfast while Mommy and Jack went to the chiropractor. Sarah was very happy with Jacks alignment today which was nice to hear. His structure always responds so well with Sarah and he is less tight in spots.

After some adjustments, it was time for a visit to Variety Village. Both Madison and Jack had physio with Stephanie. Madison focused on stretching with some deep squats, working on sitting to standing from the floor and lots of walking! Jack worked on strengthening his right side rotation when on his tummy by trying to reach with his right arm at a toy. Stephanie did lots of neck stretches with him which he never enjoys but they are extremely important. Stephanie also showed Mommy a few more exercises that can be done at home. It was discussed that Jack has to take the priority with physio for the next little while. 


After some physio, Madi and Jack headed to the pool to watch Ruby’s practice with Mommy. Madison loves to watch and wants to coach like Mommy. 

Potty training update: Madi is still inconsistent, but this afternoon/evening went great with a few uses of the potty and dry underwear! 

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