Day 515: Ballet!

Madison visited her school this morning for their annual speech assessment. The schools speech pathologist Chris re-assesses each child every summer to pass forward goals and plans to the teachers for September . Madisons vocabulary, receptive and expressive language skills are age appropriate and she was able to demonstrate the majority of her initial sounds. Goals for the year include continued work on projection/volume and clarity of voice. 

After her assessment, Madison and Jack headed to Daddy’s office to visit him for lunch. 

Later in the day Nana visited to help Mommy with some things around the house and to check out a new dance studio. Mommy contacted a few dance company’s in Pickering about ballet classes for Madi and then decided on The Denise Lester Dance Academy. The goal of the class is to give Madison another opportunity to be social and active with “typical kids” her age to help her prepare for JK next year. Mommy wants Madison to feel confident and free in her own skin to move the way she wants to move. Madi loves music and loves watching people dance, so hopefully ballet will be something she will like. She went on a tour of the studio, met her teacher Suzie and also met a dancer who will be her helper during her classes. She also popped into a big girls hip hop class to watch them dance – she loved it and didn’t want to leave! Mommy was happy to hear about the structure of the class and how they naturally adapt the class when needed and have a flexible approach for what will work for Madison. Pre-Ballet class starts the second week of September. Stay tuned for super cute photos of tutus, ballet slippers and PINK!

When Madi got home she watered her flowers and had a nice visit with Pam who made Madison a beautiful turtle pillow case. Madi loved snuggling with it at bedtime – thank you Pam!

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