Day 479: SDR Picnic

The whole family ventured to Milton today for an SDR Family Picnic!

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is the only surgical procedure that can provide permanent reduction of spasticity in CP. The surgery is not available in Ontario. The families at the picnic today were at different points of the SDR journey. Some already had the surgery, some are waiting for their surgery date and some (like us) are in the research stage. St. Louis is where all of the families have had their surgery. 

Madison loved hanging out with her friends and she also made new friends. She loved seeing so many walkers all over and had lots of fun at the Splash pad and in the park. After lunch there was a group picture with all the families at the picnic. Madison had lots of fun and Mommy and Daddy got some good questions answered. SDR surgery is a real possibility for Madison. More needs to be looked into so stay tuned.

​At the end of a long day, Mommy & Daddy had lots of work to do around the house so Papa & Nana stopped by for playtime in the basement, dinner, bath and then bed. Thank you for the help!

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