Day 478: Guest Blog by: Jack!

Hi! I’m Jack! I’m now 4 months old, I weigh 17 pounds, I sleep through the night and I’ve tried my first cereal! Mmmmm! I also LOVE my big sister Madison! She teaches me how to put my soother in my mouth and she makes me smile and laugh. I love going with her to her different therapies and I cheer her on. She works really hard and I am really proud of her.

Something else that you may not know about me is I have congenital torticollis.

Congenital muscular torticollis is a condition in which a babies neck muscle is shortened causing the neck to twist. Congenital means present at birth and torticollis means twisted neck. The condition is sometimes called wryneck.

My Mommy and Daddy noticed it when I was about 8 weeks old. They had me assessed right away and I now get to go to Grandview with Madison for my own appointments. I do physio with Kate every few weeks. She teaches Mommy and Daddy lots of stretches that they do with me at home. I also go to get a massage once a week with Madison’s friend Shannon and I go to the chiropractor once a week with Mommys friend Sarah. I’m already getting much stronger and my neck is starting to get straighter. I have to keep up my daily stretches and hopefully by the time I’m one it will be resolved. 

Because I have favoured looking to my left, my head has a flat spot. To help my head re-shape I wear a Tortle cap when I lie down or sleep. It helps my head stay to the centre or the right. I don’t like wearing it in my car seat but I like sleeping with it. My Mommy and Daddy want to thank everyone who has helped out with all the extra appointments on top of Madi’s stuff – we all greatly appreciate the help!

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