Day 477: Madi the Artist 

Madison’s favourite activity at school this morning was making a sheep mask to finish off their farm week at school. As soon as school was done and Madi was at Nana’s she asked Nana to help her bake cookies and make a pink heart craft with sparkles! Nana was able to get both activities in before Madi’s nap!

Madi spent some time with Stephanie this afternoon. Madison was still very tired from her trip to the farm yesterday, so it was a difficult session for her. Stephanie was great at trying to motivate Madison and keep her going, but today was one of those rare days for Madison that she was not wanting to participate in everything. She loved walking on the treadmill and doing a puzzle to work on her fine motor skills. She also practiced using her canes that she borrowed from March of Dimes.

After dinner, Madison asked if she could do a painting for her teacher Calene. Madison ended up painting for almost an hour. She sat quietly, sometimes singing to herself and painted away on many different pieces of paper. She is loving being an artist! Painting seems to be very calming and therapeutic for her.

One thought on “Day 477: Madi the Artist ”

  1. Katherine,
    Thank you so much for sharing Madison’s story with us. I know it probably isn’t easy to do considering the already busy days you have. I must admit, I look forward to receiving your email everyday and it always puts joy and inspiration in my day. I am thrilled to see how well Madi is progressing. It makes my heart sing!


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