Day 476: Campaign Kid!

Madison had an exciting morning with her teachers and classmates. To celebrate the end of a great school year, they all visited Riverdale Farm. Madison loved seeing all the piggies, chickens and the baby goats. Madison did an amazing job walking all over the farm in her walker. She even went down the steep path all by herself! It was an amazing thing to celebrate and reflect on thinking back to the beginning of the school year when Madison was not using her walker. 

We are grateful for all of the opportunities Madison has had to continue to progress and achieve great things, and we are always looking for ways to show appreciation and give back.

Last September Madison shared her story with the March of Dimes mail out campaign. Her journey was shared with donors from all over Canada to encourage people to continue donating to such an amazing organization and program- conductive education that she accesses weekly. Today we were told that Madison’s story helped to raise over $80,000! We were thrilled to hear what an impact her determination and beautiful smile had on so many people. They have asked Madison to be a part of another mail out campaign to update all the donors on all the progress she has made over this past year with the help of conductive education and her lead conductor Monika. She had an exciting class with Monika today!

Madison ended her day with a play date with Ruby! Mommy had a synchro meeting, so Ruby and Madi played outside at Variety Village and watched some soccer.

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