Day 475: Queen of Sit Ups

Madison had a great session with Joe today. She let go of the reins several times to try and stay seated upright while he was walking. She also did a whole bunch of sit ups! She layed back on the saddle and then without using her hands, tried to sit up using her tummy and leg muscles – she is going to have a 6 pack soon! For those interested in seeing Madison ride – her last class is on June 22nd and then she will be on break until the summer session begins.

After her ride on Joe, Madison visited Shannon for a massage. The right side of her body responded nicely, but her left side is still quite tight and locked up.
Madison finished her day with a play at Nana and Papa’s. Madison, Nate and Jack kept Nana busy while everyone else helped Papa move things around in the basement to get organized and ready for new furniture etc. to be moved in. The kids did a great job supervising all the moving of boxes while eating their pizza. They loved checking out the massive ice blocks that came out of the chest freezer that was moved. 

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