Day 474: A New Friend!

Madison met a new friend at school today! Madi and her buddy Ben have only seen each other through photos and video from both their Mommy’s. Ben was touring her school as a potential for next school year so they finally met today – and Madison was thrilled! They did a puzzle activity together spelling their names and it was all Madi talked about for the rest of the day. Once the summer comes we are hoping for lots of play dates!

Madison spent her afternoon at Grandview for 2 hours for both PT and OT. She did great breath control training and really projected her voice. She did various fine motor activities to help strengthen her hands and to work on controlling her tone.

Her day ended with a swim class with Ryan. They worked on pushing off the wall on her back and holding her back floats much longer. Once she can stay on her back longer he would like to start teaching her double arm back crawl.

After swimming, Madi’s buddy Ruby gave her one of her favourite hats from when she was little. It’s pink sequenced with a cat face on it – Madison LOVES it! She wanted to sleep with it on tonight hahaha. Thanks Ruby!


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