Day 468: Our Little Sponge

Madison continues to amaze us each and every day. When Mommy picked her up from school her volunteer Tiffany was happy to share about their success during quiet time. Madison and Tiffany worked with letters today. Madison found all the letters in her name and spelt it, found all the letters in Jacks name and in her last name too! Mommy was thrilled!

Madison also did an amazing job with her horse Joe today. Her receptive language skills are developing so nicely. Madi is able to understand and follow instructions so well from her instructor. Mommy’s mind was blown seeing Madison do different exercises using either her right or left hand on request. They worked on stretching her arms and body while riding, reaching for rings to engage her trunk muscles and to practice shifting her weight on the saddle. Madi even worked on taking her hands on and off the harness while multi-tasking with a ring. Madison’s voice with Joe was also much louder and confident today. She is progressing so well and has become so comfortable and confident. 


Madison spent some time with Pam and Medford before dinner. She played with her new ball they gave her from their trip to the museum, she helped Pam hang items on the line by squeezing clothes pins and she sang Medford Happy Birthday! When Daddy got home from work, they had some giggles in the backyard before bed. 

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