Day 469: Accessible Home

Madison worked with Monika at Conductive Ed today. She did a great job working on straddle sitting to standing and independent standing! Madi practiced sitting and standing with a beanbag on her head to keep her balance and head up. She also took several independent steps today. She had an off day at school but seemed much more herself once she was with Monika and her aunts. 

Since Madison’s diagnosis almost 2 years ago, we have been slowly finding ways to make our home easy for Madison to be independent and access what she needs. Something new to us right now is Madison’s desire to be independent outside. We love that she wants to be outside all the time, but she is not able to do it by herself because of the layout of our backyard screen door. The last couple of days she has asked to go in the backyard and we have let her try going in and out of the house herself as she wants. The freedom and independence has been exciting for her, but her walker does not fit through the door and then there is the issue of the steps. She has been crawling in and out but it has left her knees and legs bruised, swollen and cut up. We want to find a good long term solution but in the meantime we have tried padding her knees or laying towels down on the brick and concrete. We are thinking of applying to the Presidents Choice charity for home repairs or to Brian Baeimers charity for home repairs. We are currently looking for other organizations we could apply to for assistance either with materials or labor to help with this project, as well as an organization that provides accessible swing sets or playgrounds for backyards.

Here are Madison’s poor legs and feet 😦

Our back sliding door looks like this. Any creative ideas/solutions would be much appreciated!

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