Day 467: Jam Packed Day!

Madison’s teachers had a professional development day today, which meant no school! Mommy and Daddy decided to get some things done on the “to do” list, on top of the regular Tuesday routine which equaled a jam packed day.

Madison and Jack started their day with Aunt Nadia and Nate at their house for some breakfast and playtime. Mommy and Daddy had a meeting at one of the neighbourhood school options for Madison for kindergarten. The school is very close to the house, is completely accessible and had a good vibe about it. The resource room was large and bright and Madison would have all the support she would need. It was a good first visit and was encouraging to see the possibility of Madison going straight into a full day kindergarten instead of a specialized school program. 

Madison then went to the Grandview Oshawa site to have a tour and check out their school program. Their school offers a school much like Bloorview. Madison would only have 6 other children in a class, would receive OT, PT and swimming during the school day and be in an environment with other children using equipment like hers like walkers. Madison LOVED checking out the accessible playground that the students use at recess. Mommy and Daddy have a lot to think about this summer.

Madison then headed to the other Grandview location in Ajax. She had a physio session followed by an OT session. Madison and Kate continued to work on her upper body strength, core strength sitting and bouncing on a ball and learning to move from sitting to standing by herself. Madison also did some breathing/speech exercises with Kate. Kate gave her a sound to repeat, and Madison’s job was to try and project that sound as long and loud as she could by taking a big breath. Once she understood what Kate was asking, she did a really great job. 


Madison and Sherie worked on cutting straight lines, drawing circles and drawing horizontal and vertical lines in OT. They also worked on a few puzzles with small parts to manipulate and played with hand putty. The putty had different figurines hidden inside which Madison had to try and dig out with her fingers. It was challenging for her but she loved it.

After a long nap at home and a big dinner, Madison headed to the pool for a swim with Ryan. Tonight they focused on learning to push off the wall with her feet.

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