Day 466: Long Sit Stretching 

Madison’s teacher wrote in her journal today that they are excited to see how much stronger she is getting every day. It has been about 3 weeks since Botox, it has “kicked in”, her period of weakness has ended, and now the exciting part starts!

Madison spent her afternoon with Grandma Sandra. They played with Stanley in the backyard and checked in on her flowers.

Madison worked with Emily tonight on rope walking, practicing in her outdoor walker and using her leg Gaitors to long sit while playing with play dough. Madison did a great job stretching out her legs flat in front of her and she did it on the uneven grass outside. It looked like she was getting a great core workout keeping herself upright on the slight hill. Madison was so happy to hear that Emily was accepted into two schools for physio therapy next school year – congrats Emily!!

In other news… Jack had his first adjustment at the chiropractors today and it went really well – thank you Sarah!

Jack also had his first taste of Oat cereal today and loved it!

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