Day 451: ABM

Madison spent her day with Nana and Papa while Daddy and Jack took some time to kick some germs and Mommy learning at a workshop.

Madison went out for a yummy breakfast and then did crafts and learning with Nana back at the house. She decided to not use her walker at breakfast because her legs were tired and sore.

Madison made a puppy with Nana. She worked on her cutting and gluing skills and drawing lines. She loves using her learning scissors. She also practiced writing her name. She loved making numbers with glue and sprinkling sparkles all over them. 

Madison was also excited to hear about “Mommy at school.” Mommy went to a ABM workshop today to learn about another alternative therapy for Madison. Through the powers of social network Mommy met an amazing group of moms with kiddos much like Madison who encouraged Mommy to check it out. Some have already tried ABM and some are starting to explore. Mommy learned lots and was excited to try a lesson with Madison as soon as she got home! For those who don’t know, ABM stands for Anat Baniel Mehod. Here is a small blurb… And for all Mommy’s teacher friends out there…neuroplacticity!!

Madison is signed up in June to try this method of therapy with a professional, and Mommy will work on some of the methods behind the theory of the work at home to supplement the other therapies Madison is currently accessing. Here is a video of Mommy trying one movement lesson. Mommy needs more practice, knowledge and time but it’s a start.

Mommy and Madi also were able to do some good stretching before bedtime. It is already extremely noticable the difference in her leg tone since the Botox. Madison’s hamstrings are much more flexible. So much that Madison was attempting to stand up from the floor tonight! It was so exciting to see!

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