Day 450: Applying her Strategies

Madison had a great morning at Pam and Medfords. She loves playing with the special gold horses and her pink ball. She was very excited for her tea set gift Pam and Medford gave her. She talked all day about her pink tea and her purple plates. Jack is still under the weather, but he loved getting cozy in his new quilt. Thank you Pam it’s beautiful!

This afternoon after her nap, Madison played with Carter and Stitch in the family room. While Mommy was feeding Jack she noticed that Madison was talking to herself in a whisper. Madison was whispering the steps she needed to take to sit in her bouncy chair by herself. She was standing at the ataman, took a step backwards, bent her knees to a squat position, froze in the squat position while she felt with her hands for the chair behind her, and then sat down. She whispered to herself the different steps she needed to do to sit. It was so exciting and rewarding to see the transfer of what she has been working on in therapy, to a real life situation at home. Next time she does it Mommy will make sure she has her phone nearby to catch a picture or video to share.

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