Day 452: Walking on Wet Grass

Madison had a great afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa. She was a big girl and got in and out of bed all by herself at nap time and also used the potty. 

Madison and Emily worked on a bunch of skills tonight. Emily noticed right away the difference from last week to this week with the addition of Botox. Her and Madison practiced off roading outside in her outdoor walker. Madison moved from flower to flower trying to pick them for the bees. She also practiced walking on uneven ground with her ropes. It was also tricky because the grass was wet from the rain so she slipped a few times and really had to think about her foot placement. When they went back inside they did some fine motor practice with scissors and crayons while getting a good deep stretch in her leg Gaitors. She wore them for a full 30 minutes – a new record! 

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