Day 449: Stretching Superstar!

Madison had a great day! After only 2 days of Botox everyone is already seeing the positive impact. The consistent thing people have commented on is how quickly fatigue sets in for her, but the quality of her leg function and flexibility is already noticably better. Even comparing putting her AFO’s on today compared to Monday is a big difference. Everyone is very excited for the next chunk of time when the weather is nice and she can get outside to be active, continue her therapies and see excellent results once the Botox fully settles in. Madison did excellent work with Stephanie. She did long sit floor activities to stretch out her legs and get out of the “w sit” position. She also did fantastic walking… 4 controlled steps!!! Stephanie has set the goal of 5 steps over the next month- totally achievable!! Go Madi!!

Jack is also going to be spending some time with Stephanie to help Mommy and Daddy learn some good head and neck stretches to help him along. Madison was very excited to show Jack “what to do” when with Stephanie. She helped set up toys for Jack and the floor mat. 

Madison did some great stretching at home tonight. She stood in her tower for a long time with both her AFOs on and her Gaitor braces. Her legs were super stretched out once they came off. Madi even sat in long sit in her floor chair while eating her ice cream sandwich. She told Mommy that stretching helps the medicine in her legs work. She is so smart!

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