Day 446: So Stiff!

With Botox moving forward tomorrow, hopefully today will be the last day of intense stiffness for a while. 

The last few days Madison has been incredibly stiff. Today it impacted her so much that her volunteer at school reported that she had to help Madison with certain tasks that she hasn’t had to help with in months, like moving from sitting to standing and crawling up the stairs. Regardless, Madison continues to push through and is so determined to do things by herself. 

She did an excellent job at Grandviw today with Kate. Lots of balance work and trying to stand up from squating on the floor. Kate also measured her leg muscles and range of movement before her muscle “catch” to have accurate numbers for tomorrow morning.

Madison will also be starting speech breathing therapy during her sessions at Grandview hopefully in the next few weeks. Here is some info on issues kids with CP may have with their speech:

Speech Breathing Characteristics of CP

– More air per syllable

– Fewer syllables per breath group

– Difficulty changing / maintaining loudness 

– Shorter maximum phonation durations 

– Variable voice quality 

Madison is receiving her second round of Botox tomorrow. 8 injections spread over her hamstring and calf muscles. We have decided not to use the word “needles” or “injections” as she does not see them. She is face down for the procedure. We are telling her that the doctor at Grandview will be giving her muscles special medicine to help them feel better so they can help her when she walks. 

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