Day 445: New Gaitors

Madison had a great afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa. They made pigs in a blanket for lunch, did some gardening with Madison’s new tools and saw a bee.

After dinner Madison worked hard with Emily. They started by going outside to practice going on and off the grass in her walker. Pam and Medford cheered her on.

Once they were inside, the big focus was on stretching. Madison has Botox coming up in a few days so she has been stretching much more than usual. Madison’s new Gaitors came in the mail the other day. Perfect timing for all the post Botox stretching that she will be doing. We were able to get a ballerina theme with the material. The ballerinas on the Gaitors all have straight legs so it’s perfect for Madison to see as she doesn’t love wearing them. Emily read Madison different books and did different activity books to try and distract from the Gaitors. 

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