Day 447: Botox Success!

It was an early morning for Madison. Nana was at the house bright and early to entertain Jack so that Madison could make the journey out to Grandview Oshawa with Mommy and Daddy. Madison met with her physio Kate, one other physio and Dr Mazon who leads the spasticity clinic. She walked in with confidence and loved playing in their new waiting room. When it was her turn she went in to see Dr Mazon. He did some leg wiggles, watched her walk, measured her leg muscles and ranges and then decided to continue with the plan to move forward with the Botox. Madison knew what was happening even before going into the second room, but she was so brave and lied down face first on the table. She put her little face into the pillow, held Mommys hand and then they started. Dr Mazon used an ultrasound to guide the needles into the right muscle spots. She had 8 injections into her calf and hamstring muscles. She cried but did a great job of staying still. It was all over in about 8-10 minutes. She surprisingly thanked the doctor and then headed out to the car. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of how brave she was.

On the way home Madison went to the toy store to pick out a treat and then get a haircut. 

After some rest at home and some lunch, Madison went to see Joe for her weekly date. It was a beautiful day out so they did their whole riding lesson outdoors. She had no complaints about her legs and did a great job.

Madison spent the rest of her day helping Daddy outside with some gardening to save her bees.

Madison will be doing a strict stretching routine over the next few weeks and will be using her Gaitor splints lots.

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes today – we were all very appreciative of the love and support!

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