Day 435: Choo Choo!

For those that don’t know, Choo Choo is Auntie Em’s nickname for Madi…because she’s the Little Engine that Could.. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

But this little engine was in bed early…..completely exhausted……sore……and with a low grade fever.

Madison’s teacher wrote in her take home journal that after gym this morning she was tired. She put her head down on the table at snack time and said “I’m tired!” And then didn’t do much for the rest of her time at school. She went to Nana’s house and had a good sleep and a big lunch. Madison and Nana played her favourite games with her kitchen and play food, listened to music and took it easy. She was not herself all day.

Auntie Em came over for dinner and a sleepover but barely saw Madison. The second she was done her dinner she asked to go have a bath and go to bed. She was in bed early, sweaty from her temp and complained about everything being sore and hurting.


“Over 50 percent of people who have cerebral palsy experience post-impairment syndrome. This means that you may experience a combination of fatigue, pain and weakness. All these symptoms are likely to be caused by bone deformities, muscle abnormalities and arthritis. People with cerebral palsy use up to 3 to 5 times the amount of energy other people use when moving around. So it is oftentimes very difficult to function properly at work or in school.”

Madison had her usual busy week with school and one type of therapy each day. With the addition of the school field trip with all the walking, and now all the walking she is doing to and from school… The Little Engine that Could is burnt out…this weekend will be full of cuddles with Auntie Em, down time, lots of muscle stretches and massage and hanging out on the couch.

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