Day 436: On the Mend

Madison woke up this morning feeling a bit better then yesterday. Her muscles were sore and she was still exhausted from the week, but she seemed more herself. She had her bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, chased Stitch around the house and helped Auntie Em blow dry and brush her hair. Auntie Em and Mommy decided to get everyone out of the house to get some fresh air so Madison went shopping. She checked out all her pet friends at PJ’s Pets and was sad to hear that the store is closing soon. She checked out some Blue Jays gear and new hair clip and then was on her way home. She slept for almost 3 hours, got up and had a play date with Jacks new buddy Avery and then went out for dinner. After about 30 minutes at the restaurant, Madison hit the wall and went downhill fast. As soon as everyone walked in the door she went straight to bed with a fever. Hopefully she will get a good sleep and bounce back tomorrow. 

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