Day 434: Field Trip!

Madison and her class went on a field trip today to a grocery store. For the last two weeks they have been learning about grocery stores and have been doing activity and play centres with the grocery store theme in their classroom. Today was the first time she went outside with her class in her walker. This is the email and pictures we received from her teacher after the trip:

“Madison did an INCREDIBLE job on our grocery store field trip. She managed to walk all the way there, maneuver in the Loblaws independently, and half way back before she tired out. On the way there, we saw a few puppies being walked, heard lots of noisy trucks, and saw the escalators go up and down. She made many people turn heads and everyone that she encountered cheered her on. She was the proudest I’d ever seen her, and she was very excited that we bought lots of goodies to eat upon our return.

You both have raised such an amazing little girl. ”

We were so proud of Madison and excited for her to feel so independent and proud.

Madison spent her afternoon with Janine and Suzanne. She walked out of school all the way to Suzanne’s car and had a great nap. She was happy to have lunch and watch skating again at the Granite Club. After some fun, she went to work hard with Monika at March of Dimes. She worked on her upper body strength, independent standing, walking and straddle sitting. 

On her way home, Madison went to Daddy’s new office for the first time. She had been asking about his new job and wanting to see it for weeks. 

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