Day 433: Walking on Grass!

Madison had a great ride with Joe today. It was cold outside so they stayed in the indoor ring. She worked on telling him to stop and go. She also lied down on him and sat up several times to work on her core and her trust and confidence in him. Madison also had a big cheering section today – thanks to everyone who made the drive to watch Madison and her buddy Joe! She was tired today and needed more support then usual to stay upright but she got a great inner thigh stretch.

Madison has become extremely comfortable with her little silver walker. Her larger walker with swivel wheels was modified a few weeks ago to provide less support for her as was originally needed. It has been sitting in the dinning room and only used a few times as Madison is more interested in the silver walker. Tonight as Mommy was cooking dinner Madison was playing and exploring with the bigger walker. She started yelling “Mommy I want to go fast!” And then started trying to run with it around the house. After dinner she wanted to try it outside. Madison zoomed up and down the sidewalk smiling and laughing while she chased Carter. The bigger walker requires similar control as the silver one, but it is much smoother with the swivel wheels which also makes it trickier to steer and control. The highlight of everyone’s day was watching Madison walk on the grass for the first time. She has been on grass with the help of others to walk or sit and play, but at 2.5 years old she had never been on grass by herself walking …and she loved it!!! She was so proud of herself and she didn’t want to stop. With this new discovery and confidence Madison is going to have so many more adventures this spring and summer!

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