Day 425: The Long Walk

Now that the weather is nice, Madison will be walking from school to the car. On Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Mommy and Jack pickup Madison from school. Mommy will bring Madison her walker so she can walk from her classroom to the car at pickup time. Madison walks down 3 ramps outside of her school, along the sidewalk to the next block where Mommy parks the car. Today was Madison’s first day trying this and it took about 30 minutes. She was very tired but did a great job! Madison then headed to Grandview for physio. She worked with Kate on the treadmill, walking in the halls, sitting and climbing up objects with high knees. After some down time at home and some dinner, Madison went to Variety Village for her swim lesson with Ryan. They worked on back floats, bobs, blowing bubbles and sculling using her hands. Madison worked very hard today-  everyone was so proud of her!


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